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CLASSES: Level I  

Focus on Language
• Making the implicit life of our trapped feelings and needs explicit
• Unfolding of feelings and needs rather than constricting them
• Priming the brain to observe and respond rather than react
• Understanding the impact of current habitual language; changing
to language based on principles of Nonviolent Communication.

  • Level I

    Upon completion of Level I Progressive TLC course, the participants will:

    • Identify how the use of leaned language has impacted them, their relationships, their professional life and their society at large
    • Understand fully the components of a Language that is based on honesty and empathy: Non Violent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshal Rosenberg
    • Practice NVC as an alternative Language that allows authentic self expression
    • Practice Listening attentively to self and others
    • Practice giving and receiving empathy
    • Distinguish between sympathy and empathy
    • Distinguish and consciously choose Non Violence in everyday language
    • Identify the three important components of communication: Brain, Mind, Relationship
    • Be proficient in the most successful techniques of speaking and listening
    • Experience the difference in the quality of their relationship with self, significant others, and collogues
    • Achieve desired level of quality in communication personally, interpersonally, and professionally
    • Experience a tangible improvement in the quality of personal empowerment

    Carmel, California