Level II
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Focus on Thought
• Evaluation, understanding, re-shaping, renewal, and transformation of thought
to align with personal values.

• Understanding the “messages” underneath our reactive emotional mind
Redefining mind messages based on long term value based thinking

  • Level II

    Upon completion of Level II Progressive TLC course, the participants will:

    • Continue to practice the language of NVC learned in level I course
    • Identify the thoughts, perception, stories, conscious or subconscious beliefs, and procedural memories that prevent them in applying the language of NVC
    • Identify the origin of the above obstacles
    • Successfully remove the above obstacles in order to achieve a more sustainable practice for achieving their goals
    • Experience a tremendous shift in thoughts and perception that is congruent with their values
    • Experience a greater coherence in day to day events of personal, interpersonal and professional life
    • Experience a higher level of empowerment and achievement in personal, interpersonal and professional goals
  • Course Details:

    Carmel, California