Level III
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Focus on building resilience and Connection in challenging times

• Development of cognitive skills to build resilience.

• Focus on intentions and values to build connection even in
challenging circumstances.

• Success in daily life and long-term planning

  • Level III

    Upon completion of Level III Progressive TLC course, the participants will:

    • Develop skills of resilience
    • Maintain deeper connection with self and others
    • Be able to use collaborative skills at times of adversity and daily challenges
    • Be able to consistently integrate principles of NVC and new thought formation (learned in levels I and II) in order to achieve personal, interpersonal and professional goals
    • Be able to continue to self empathize at difficult times
    • Be able to maintain the integrity of bonds between significant people in their lives
    • Be able to sustain or establish new relationships without facing obstacles of the old stories that prevented them from forming meaningful relationships
    • Be able to make empathic connection with the past and form a meaningful and consistent connection with the present and future self
    • Maintain the learned resilience throughout their life span and in all aspects


  • Course Details:

    Carmel, California