What Graduates of Level I, level II and Level III say about Progressive T.L.C.


"The positive impact of Progressive TLC is so huge, it is not even quantifiable"
~Level III graduate


feedback for all levels

  • Level I

    "Learning NVC with Nadereh’s guidance has affected not only my communication skills, but also the way I view the world and the people in my life. Releasing the old story of dominance/submission, right/wrong, good/bad is crucial for raising consciousness and creating compassionate relationships. Very likely, it is a life’s work, and will require constant diligence. The results I’ve seen over the past six months inspire me to continue practicing, learning, and growing. This class and Nadereh herself have been a tremendous blessing.
    What else can I say? My life has been changed for the better. My thinking, speaking, connecting are all improved and I now have skills to keep working at it. Grateful does not even begin to cover the feeling I have. At the age of 40, I was finally introduced to my feelings & taught that my needs have value. This has been the biggest gift of all time for me".
    ~Pamela H, Monterey

    "During the past year of weekly compassionate communication classes with Nadereh I have consistently experienced her authentic deep empathy, heartfelt warmth, and sincere caring. Suddenly the distance between my heart and head has merged and the two have become one. I am greatful to taste the sweetness of self love, self acceptance, and loving self empathy for the first time in my life".
    ~Bari R., Salinas, California

    "I have learned so much about listening and communicating better with anyone I encounter, from my closest family members to strangers. The bonus is that I am more fully and positively understanding and communicating with myself."
    ~Charmaine F. Monterey, CA

    Nothing happens by chance. Six months ago I had never heard of NVC. Now, six months later I am a different person. I have a choice. A choice to choose a new brain. To replace the violent thinking and stories, learned and otherwise, that kept me in shame. I have learned that I can express myself honestly, be vulnerable, extend empathy (not sympathy) to myself and others, to acknowledge my needs, and make requests, all within the womb of compassion and love. Nadereh, thank you!
    ~Michelle B. Santa Cruz, CA

    "I would highly recommend this NVC workshop. NVC is the most effective communication tool I have experienced to date. Our politicians should be require to take this workshop before they engage in any law making activities. The world will become a better place as NVC catches on. Nadereh is a wonderful instructor. She lives the material and presents this information with a big dose of love and compassion"!
    ~Michael G, Salinas

    "Studying and practicing NVC with Nadereh has changed my life. I came to it through the pain I felt from disconnection in relationships that are very important to me. I needed a better way to communicate. Like most of us, I was raised without any validation for my feelings and needs, I was taught to hide, deny and be ashamed of them. With the tools of NVC, I have learned to better understand my own feelings and needs and to validate them; and to be more understanding and have more empathy for others in difficult situations, at work, with family, and in my personal life. This has brought me peace, happiness and deeper connection with myself and others. I am so grateful"!!
    ~Jennifer S.



  • Level II

    "Nadereh Liaghati is an inspiration and a gifted teacher of her Progressive TLC. Inspired by the work of Marshall Rosenberg and others, Nadereh is developing her own philosophy of how best to develop and use the healing balm of empathy in our relationships, primarily with ourselves, and secondarily with others. In my two years of study with Nadereh, I have grown significantly in my awareness of the importance of self-empathy, and it is helping me to heal years of self-neglect and abuse. I am learning to re-write the harmful stories that I have created in response to my conditioning and to understand instead the true nature of my feelings and needs. Becoming aware of and expressing my feelings and getting all my needs met are my responsibility and my birth right. As I find strategies to meet my needs, I bless not only myself but those around me as well. My relationships improve as I honestly honor my own feelings and needs. I can enthusiastically recommend Nadereh's classes and also her individual, couple or group counseling; she has a true gift for listening and bringing understanding and healing to relationships. She gets to the heart of the matter in an efficient and brilliant way"
    ~Jody Q. Monterey, CA


    "There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in having received the tools to understand and connect to myself and others. My family and I were able to lift barriers between us and allowed us to connect with each other on a deep level".
    ~Birgit M. Pacific Grove, CA


  • Level III

    “The series of Progressive TLC levels I, II, & III has improved the quality of my relationships. I am now listening to myself and others with newly acquired understanding and hearing the message which is deeper than the thoughts or words. The needs of the heart. I experience and observe others experiencing a deep soothing and peaceful relaxation and greater love which comes from truly being heard. Listening with my new empathy skills has allowed me to be a greater instrument of healing for myself and others and improved the quality of my life. I look forward to the continued learning from using progressive TLC skills”.
    ~Mrs. Bari Anupama Roberts

    “Personal impact- I am in touch with my feelings and needs ad continue to learn how to practice self care and healthy boundaries. My relationships are deeper and richer, more loving and expansive. I feel that I am more present and capable of interacting with people in a more positive way on all levels including professionally and with family and friends. I seem to think more clearly and am less triggered by life’s unfolding events or challenges. I feel more connected to my community”.
    ~ Gina Puccinelli

    “Progressive TLC has positively impacted my life on all levels. My personal relationships are stronger and more connected. I feel safe in expressing my feelings and needs. My work relationships and my professional life has improved greatly. I feel much more connected and comfortable walking in this world. I am grateful!
    ~ Jennifer S.

    “Understanding Thought-Language-Connection teachings has had an effect on all my relationships- including that with myself. I have grown comfortable with the realm of feelings and needs, learned how to express myself with clarity, honesty, kindness and directness using simple everyday language. And perhaps most monumentally important is that I have learned how to say “no” without any judgement and shame. A gentle “no, not now” has eluded me all my my adult life until now. Than you, TLC”!
    Pamela H

    The greatest impact of Progressive TLC on the quality of my life has been the increased awareness I have concerning my feelings and my needs. I am better able to identify these, which is the step towards getting my needs met. I have also been made aware of the importance of being true to my values. As a result, I am better able to live in integrity with myself and others.
    ~ Jody Emerson